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A Little About Zen and This Site

As you can see from some of these webpages, I love critters. Animals and children get you HIGH. It is their utterly unpretentious nature. Pure "Sincerity" . . . undiluted, unmolested, uncontaminated, unpolluted SINCERITY. Pure Being. Their utter sincerity ... those are the terms of their endearment. Tabula Rosa, the 'blank slate', before the ego & intellect have begun to occlude the ultimate Subject Matter. Loading Ball Bullet Let's hear it for the chubby Little Rascal on the right and for all the children and critters of the planet who remind us how to simply BE sincere.

ball.ABOUT THIS ZEN SITE: There are many misconceptions about Zen . . . Probably because conceptions tend to be preconceived and their tenacity despite reality, tends to eclipse the 'True' image, once it presents itself. I have often said that Zen is the salt in the ocean of Christianity. All major religions, at their most mystical - spiritual level, evoke the mystery and spirit of Zen. Many perceive Christ as a Zen Master, advocating direct, immediate, personal experience and understanding of one's intangible, spiritual Self, while urging abandonment of dogmatism and reliance on 'black letter' doctrines, which stand as fraudulent, nutrient-poor surrogates . . . counterfeits.

. .ZasScroll. . . . The teachings of Christ and Zen both espouse a principle shared by most major religions, namely, that the immediacy of insight (the intuitive epistemology), provides a more direct and comprehensive vision of reality and one's inner Self, than does Intellect and rationality, and it is an essential, indispensable, utterly necessary compliment to rationality. The essence of the spiritual view is that, reason (intellect), unbridled and uninformed by compassion, is meaningless, aimless and potentially dangerous. The typical western view inverts this premise, holding that compassion, insight and intuition must be bridled by "reason" and the intellect. Plato is sometimes credited with the articulation of the inverted western view, although in fact, he actually espoused the Zen view, as clearly illustrated in his "Cave Shadow" allegory ("Plato's Republic").

. . . . . In trying to ferret out the truth of the matter, one might ask, "In all of human history, What great harm and holocaust has ever been wrought against the masses by COMPASSION when it has been 'let loose' and is off the leash?" Then ask that same question of 'rationality' and the intellect. What Frankensteins of harm has unbridled rationality created in human history? The Holocaust? Hitler's Ultimate Solution with his Grand Scientific Scheme for genetic perfection? The Crusades? The Stalin Holocaust? The Lenin Holocaust? The Mao Regime Genocides? The Pol Pot Regime Genocides? The Rwanda genocides? The Bosnian-Serb genocides? Few would try to argue that these horrific social engineering debacles were the product of 'unbridled' COMPASSION. Indeed rationality, unbridled by Compassion, has proven to be a very wild and dangerous thing. And when 'reason' malfunctions - it is still reason and rationality - the "rational operation" - the Reason\Rationality epistemology - that is responsible (i.e., an 'automobile' that malfunctions is still an 'automobile').

. .ball. . . . Yet the continued prevalence of the inverted western view persists and has led to the atrophy of the spiritual dimension of humanity. This is a global phenomenon. The intellect's obsession and preoccupation with the material side of existence, has left it spiritually destitute. As Huston Smith stated it: "Reason is trapped in its own operation - Reason makes a good servant and a lousy master." It's a gross understatement of the predicament where one epistemological operation runs roughshod over another, in a land-grab coup assault in a determined effort to attain totalitarian 'supremacy.'

. .ball. . . . Ironically, many people, especially young people, erroneously believe Zen is about intricate intellectualizations about reality. They seize upon the poignant Zen paradoxes and parables and pithy Zen 'one-liner' puzzles (Koans), and mistakenly believe that Zen is the practice of cerebral gamesmanship and cunning intellectual 'swordmanship' chess-match duals and debates about the elusive intricacies of reality (For example, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"). Actually, the Zen paradoxes and koans are designed to frustrate the intellect, to cause the intellect to 'lock-up' when it reaches the limits of its capacity (e.g., 'paradox'). They are calculated to force the listener to transcend the intellect, as inadequate to the occasion, upon discovering the futility and inappropriateness of its continued application in areas which lie, inevitably, beyond its grasp and beyond its ken. This common intellectual misconception proves to be quite fruitful, in the end, because Zen does tend to attract those 'gaming' rationalists who most need to transcend the rabble of their own intellects and egos.

. .ball. . . . But this introduction is not intended to be a treatise on "What Zen is". No one who is honest would even think of making such an attempt or claim . . . Just as poets, philosophers and song writers, from time immemorial, have spoken 'about' LOVE, without ever attempting to or claiming to define it or "bottle it." Although, no one can tell you what Zen is, you'll know it when you see it. This site was designed to give the visitor an opportunity to experience for themselves the Spirit of Zen. Setting aside all preconceived notions and intellectual baggage, this is the place and now is the time to experience it for yourself.

Calligraphy Circle

. . . ball. . . . The many Zen-Tao Site references listed here, were carefully selected and will be revised and updated on a regular basis. The focus of the effort will be to develop and maintain a rich diversity of expression of the Zen-Buddhist-Taoist-Theravada-Tibetan spirit, from Ikabana to Aikido, from Calligraphy to the Zen Garden, from the Tea Ceremony to Zazen. Zen expresses itself in myriad ways.

Zen Gardens & Japanese Gardens
Vast Photo Collection

. . . BALL.
ZEN PAGE TWO SITE: . . . The Zen Two Page Contains more Zen-related referral sites . . . including IMPORTANT links related to the 'crisis' in Tibet and Myanmar (formerly Burma), where despotic government officials fear Buddhism and are determined to turn Buddhist practice into ideological government brainwashing 'Indoctrination' camps, much like the China Agenda. In Tibet, China insists that the government, NOT the Dalai Lama, shall have total control over Tibetan Buddhist practice and over determining the lineage and the Dalai Lama's successor. Not ALL Buddhist practitioners enjoy the freedom which is essential to Buddhist Practice.

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The "Begging Buddha" Slide Show:

Shakyamuni Buddha

"The Begging Buddha"

      On a trip not long ago, to Chinatown in New York City, I visited a shop with some of the most exceptional Buddhist art pieces I have ever seen. The shop was called "Hua Yang USA Co. Ltd" at 81 Mulberry St. in Chinatown (Manhattan). I took about a hundred pictures of these Buddhist art objects, and have culled from them a few of the most moving pictures. I have assembled the "Best of the Best" pictures in this slide show.

      The original pictures were extremely high-quality, having been taken with a very high resolution camera. Although I had to reduce some of the resolution to make them useable on the Internet, this did not noticeably compromise the quality of these pictures. The high resolution is important in trying to capture the magnitude of the central figure, a humongous statue of "The Begging Buddha." This statue was immense, standing nearly seven (7) feet tall. One of the store clerks stood next to this statue so I could provide a sense of scale for one of the pictures. The enormity of this statue, heavy bronze, is truly captured in these pictures. The Begging Buddha had a "presence" and everyone who came into the shop was immediately confronted by it and was profoundly moved by its "presence."

      Several weeks later I returned to the shop to take even more pictures, but "The Begging Buddha" was gone ... it had been sold. The shop just didn't seem the same after that. It was like a gaping hole was left behind, for anyone who had seen that spectacle. It was this profoundly moving experience that I am trying to share and convey in these pictures.

      Left-click on the animated "NEW" icon below, then click the 'Play' arrow to start the slide show (Play arrow is the largest right-facing arrow within the largest round button in the middle of the Control Panel). Remember you can pause the automatic flow of pictures at any time by clicking on the pause button. Click pause again to resume. Photo descriptions are at bottom beneath the controls. If you should have any problems getting this Slide Show to play, try disabling any "pop-up blockers" you may have running, or hold down the ctrl key when you left-click on the "New" icon below. Be sure to enable JavaScript. But these acts should not be necessary. You should have no problems operating the SlideShow.

Enjoy . . .

in the

The Begging Buddha Slide Show

Center for Traditional Taoist Studies

Ball. ZEN PAGE TWO SITE: . . . The Zen Two Page - Contains more Zen-related referral sites . . . including IMPORTANT links related to the 'crisis' for practitioners in Tibet and Myanmar.


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Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen (MRO)
Mount Tremper, NY (Catskill Mountains)

Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen (MRO)
(Click on Photo)

The Ten Oxherding Pictures

. . . ball. . . . Below are a variety of different versions of the Ten Oxherding Pictures, where Zen tradition attempts to describe, by oxherding metaphors, the stages of "Enlightenment" or the stages of 'awakening' or the stages of 'realizing' the True Self (the ox). These pictures are sometimes also referred to as "The Ten Bulls" or the "Bull-Herder Series." In the first version from the Terebess Asia Online website, the Paintings are by YOKOO Tatsuhiko, the Verses by Master K'uo-an, (Kuroya 1801-10, Chichibu-shi, 368-0001 Japan) . The second version is from the`Shambhala Website, with text by Kakuan, Transcribed by Nyogen Senzaki and Paul Reps, and Illustrated by Tomikichiro Tokuriki. The third presentation is from the Shokoku-ji Temple website, and the 4th set is from the Zen "Mountains and Rivers Order (MRO) Ten Oxherding Picture Gallery," with Paintings by Master Gyokusei Jikihara, Verses by Master K'uo-an. The 5th version of the Ten Oxherding Pictures comes from the ChungTai Zen Center of Sunnyvale Gallery website. The sixth and final version of the Ten Oxherding Pictures is housed at the Sacred Texts website and comes from The Manual of Zen Buddhism, D.T. Suzuki, illustrated By Shubun (15th Century).  It is generally acknowledged that the most traditional version is the 4th set in this sequence, at the Zen "Mountains and Rivers Order (MRO) Ten Oxherding Pictures Gallery," with Paintings by Master Gyokusei Jikihara, Verses by Master K'uo-an.

The 10 Oxherding Pictures . . . Paintings by YOKOO Tatsuhiko
Verses by Master K'uo-an
(Kuroya 1801-10, Chichibu-shi, 368-0001 Japan)
(Click on Picture)

The 10 Oxherding Pictures . . .
by Kakuan, Transcribed by Nyogen Senzaki and Paul Reps, and
Illustrated by Tomikichiro Tokuriki.
Shambhala Website
used with permission of Charles Tuttle & Co., who published them in
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, by Paul Reps,
with commentaries by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
(Click on Picture)

Ten Oxherding Pictures at MRO Monastery Store
for an exceptionally generous
price of $15

Ten Oxherding Pictures
from the ChungTai Zen Center of Sunnyvale Gallery
A modern rendering by artist Chao Bao Chen - Taiwan, 2007
(Click on Picture)

The 10 Oxherding Pictures . . .
from The Manual of Zen Buddhism by D.T. Suzuki
Illustrated by Shubun -15th Century
The Sacred Texts Website

Second Page of this Website: BALL. The Zen-Tao Page Two

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A Word From the Masters:
Beginner's Mind. ZEN MASTER TO THE YOGI IN SEARCH OF . . . Enlightenment

"What you are looking for is what is looking."
            . . . Ask the Awakened, by Wie Wu Wie

Ramana Maharshi (Sri Bhagavan) Site

Zen Gardens & Japanese Gardens Vast Photo Collection

Zen Gardens & Japanese Gardens
Vast Photo Collection

Hazrat Inayat Khan
International Sufi Movement

Avalokitesvara Bodhissattva

The Compassionate Buddha
The 10,000 Eyes and Hands of Compassion

Avalokitesvara Bodhissattva
John Daido Loori, Roshi - Dharma Talk
"Your Self Has No Shadow"

Gautama Buddha
Imperturbable Composure


Dharma Zen Center, LA

Large Scroll2

Eiheiji Temple, Japan Photos
Shunryu Sazuki's Roots

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