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An educated, well-informed consumer is our best client (re-phrased from a Syms Menswear slogan). To assist those who wish to be better informed on the law we have provided this Law Links page. It contains some pretty incredible, extremely comprehensive legal resource websites, which even lawyers, themselves, have found to be immensely useful. Just click on the link and go.

Always Remember This:  DO NOT interpret anything written at this or any other legal website as constituting LEGAL ADVICE for how to handle YOUR case . . . Because each case has a myriad array of unique facts and circumstances which COULD make the website answers and legal statements inapplicable in YOUR situation. LEGAL ADVICE about YOUR case should only come from YOUR attorney . . . AFTER that attorney has reviewed the specific facts and circumstances of YOUR case.  You may want to bookmark this web page for easy return.

  Full New York Consolidated Laws (Statutes)
  New York Unified Court System
  The Federal Register (FR): Main Page
  Findlaw New York State Resources
  NY Municipal Governments And Agencies Listings
  Remarkable Comprehensive NY Town Courts Listing & Contact Info
  New York Codes & Regulations (MegaLaw)
  New York Criminal Law & Procedure (MegaLaw)
  NY Cases & Case Law Search (MegaLaw)
  New York Counties Listing & Contact Info (MegaLaw)
  General New York Legal Resources Listing (MegaLaw)
  New York City Legal Resources Listing
  New York State Court of Appeals Info
  New York Criminal Law Manual - Muldoon
  WashLaw NY State Legal Resources (Washburn U.)
  Official New York State Government Listings & Contact Info
  New York State Supreme Court Library at Buffalo
  Suffolk County (Long Island) Website
  G. Bruce Ketcham Law Office -- Social Security Website
  Social Security Administration (U.S. Gov't Website)
  SSA Disability Home page
  SSA Disability Medical Evidence Requirements
  SSA Disability Part III - Listing Of Impairments (over-view)
  SSA Announces New Compassionate Allowances Conditions - Jan 15, 2014
  Locate Your Local Social Security Office
  Info & Documents SSA Will Need For an SSD Application (Read mouse-over Warning)
  SSA's Complete Definition Of Disability
  Qualifying under SSA's Sequential Evaluation Rules for determining disability
  SSA Listing of Impairments - Adult Listings (Part A)
  SSI Disability - In-Depth Info About Appl Process (PDF) (Read mouse-over Warning)
  USA Today Article - Disabled Worker Cases At Record Levels
  SSA On-Line Adult SSD Application (Read mouse-over Warning)
  Social Security Advisory Service (SSAS) - Peter Young
  CBS SPECIAL REPORT - SSA Wrongful Claim Denials
  New York Landlord-Tenant Code & Related Laws (MegaLaw)
  Central New York Chapt NY Civil Liberties Union
  Onondaga County Clerk Website
  Onondaga County Bar Assoc. Website
  NY County Gov't Records & Cases Listing
  LawWorm NY & National Comprehensive Legal Research
  New York City Interactive Subway Map
  MTA NYC Transit - Subway Service Information & Maps
  Collection of New York Legal Resources Websites (MegaLaw)
  NY State Government Info (MegaLaw)
  U.S. Telephone Area Code Listings
  U.S. Post Office - Zip Code + 4 Look-up
  Had a bad 'cop' encounter? Rate My Cop Website



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* Prior Case Outcomes
Defense Counsel's Speedy Trial motion to dismiss granted because Long Island DA failed to get case to trial within reasonable amount of time as required by law.
Defense Counsel's motion to dismiss granted because North Country Defendant was NOT prosecuted within the required Statute of Limitations time frame.
Motion to dismiss filed after Defense Counsel caught two State Troopers red-handed committing perjury during a preliminary hearing.
Bronx Felony charges dismissed and misdemeanor DWI reduced to minor "violation" after Defense Counsel demonstrated crucial defect in prosecution case.
Upon Defense Counsel's motion, Manhattan DWI case dismissed for violating Defendant's Speedy Trial rights.
Serious multiple felony drug charges reduced to single minor misdemeanor charge after Defense Counsel successfully challenged defective North Country Grand Jury proceedings.
Upon Defense Counsel's motion, Upstate DWI case dismissed for violating Defendant's Speedy Trial rights.
Defendant acquitted at trial of DWI & all related misdemeanor charges, after Defense Counsel catches arresting police officer committing perjury at trial.
Federal DWI charge reduced to minor violation (plea deal) after Defense Counsel challenged illegal Orange County police stop of Defendant.
Defendant acquitted at trial of multiple drug charges, after Defense Counsel catches 3 police officers committing perjury at trial.
Assault and Resisting Arrest trial convictions overturned on Appeal and Defendant acquitted, after Defense Counsel proved trial evidence did not support conviction.
Carrying Concealed Weapon on Airline Flight - Charges dismissed after Defense Counsel proves Defendant's conduct was NOT unlawful under controlling statute.