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Bruce has an uncommonly broad range of Civil & Criminal Practice experience:

  Be sure to read the "Special Instructions for Prospective Clients" section below BEFORE contacting our office.

  Criminal Defense:   DWI, DUI, Traffic Offenses, Drug Offenses, Theft--Burglary--Robbery, Battery, Resisting Arrest, Domestic Violence, White Collar Crime, Computer Crimes, Tax Offenses, Prostitution -- Sex Crimes, Felony & Misdemeanor. Bruce handles the Full Range of New York statutory criminal offenses.

  Family Law:   Divorce, Child Custody, Support, Visitation, Termination of Parental Rights, Support Modification due to changed circumstances. Family Law legal issues can sometimes become the most acrimonious litigation in the legal profession. It demands a special sensitivity and compassion on the part of the attorney.

  Social Security Disability

  Employment Law - Wrongful Termination

  Benefits Entitlement:   When clients have been wrongly denied benefits they are entitled to, such as Social Security Disability or Worker's Compensation or Unemployment benefits, the consequences can be catastrophic. Typically, these benefits constituted the Client's sole means of survival and the wrongful denial of these benefits often leaves them destitute and sometimes homeless. Bruce has a very deep appreciation of the Special Plight these clients are facing. For these clients, time is of the essence, and litigation effectiveness at the early stages of the Hearing/Denial stage is absolutely imperative. Bruce approaches these cases with an extra special sense of urgency, as he does with other similarly desperate legal clientele circumstances where the client's virtual survival is at stake. See also, our "Links" page for more information resources on the SSD crisis.

  Administrative Law (County Attorney's Office) - Municipal Law - Land Use - Eminent Domain - Zoning - Taxation - Code Violations - Unlawful Use of Force by Police Torts County Defense & Plaintiff

  Healthcare Proxies - Powers of Attorney - Wills - Living Wills

  Toxic Torts - Personal Injury (Plaintiff)

  Contract Enforcement - Breach of Contract

  Right To Refuse Medical Treatment

  Corp & Business Law - Labor Relations - Wrongful Termination

  Medical Malpractice - Products Liability - Commercial Litigation - Plaintiff

  Guardianship - Competency Issues for child or adult

  Juvenile - Civil & Criminal cases

  Traffic Offenses - DL suspension \ revocation

  Landlord-Tenant Disputes - Evictions - lease Agreements - representing both Landlords & Tenants

  Health Care - Insurance Coverage Disputes, Health Care Proxies, Living Wills

  Be sure to read the "Special Instructions for Prospective Clients" section below BEFORE contacting our office.



Bruce is a seasoned motion and Appellate Practice attorney, who DOES handle client appeals on cases he has NOT litigated at trial.

  Be sure to read the "Special Instructions for Prospective Clients" section below BEFORE contacting our office.

  Interlocutory Appeals - Article 78 petitions to the county courts, the Superior Courts, and the Appellate Divisions (Departments).

  Social Security Disability Benefit Denial Appeals to the Appeals Council, the U.S. District Courts, and the Circuit Courts.

  Bruce is exceptionally adept at attaining favorable client results without the need for a trial, by virtue of his rigorous motion practice, coupled with his settlement negotiation experience. Weak and meritless cases, and cases which have serious legal 'problems' are frequently dismissed in his defense counsel practice, while strong, well-supported client-plaintiff cases become more obvious AFTER motion practice and are frequently resolved in the client's favor.

  Civil Practice - Criminal Defense & Family Law Case Appeals to the county courts, the Superior Courts, and the Appellate Divisions (Departments).

  Settlement Negotiations & Plea Offers:  Bruce has an uncanny ability to spot crucial weaknesses and legal \ factual flaws in an opposing counsel's position. Once these flaws and weaknesses are exposed, Settlement offers and Plea offers are typically proposed by the opposing party. Some flaws and weaknesses are fatal to opposing counsel's case and require dismissal, while other flaws and weaknesses are highly problematic, but not necessarily fatal to opposing counsel's case. Some flaws and weaknesses make it much more difficult, but not impossible, for opposing counsel to prove their case.  Bruce has an astute discerning eye for identifying these flaws and weaknesses, which enables him to properly advise clients as to the advisability of accepting a Settlement or Plea offer, based on the strength of their case. Only "Clients" can ultimately make the decision as to any particular Settlement or Plea offer.

  Successful results also derive from Mr. Ketcham's astute ability to spot legal issues which are often not readily apparent, and in some cases, may even seem counter-intuitive to the untrained eye.

  There are many critical decisions which a Client must make during the course of litigation of their case. Only the Client can make these decisions. However, the Client cannot possibly make prudent decisions until the attorney has accurately and thoroughly apprised the client of the actual strengths and legal viability of their case, as well as delineating the full range of options available to that Client.

  Bruce places special emphasis on keeping Clients apprised of the status of their case. Client participation is encouraged.

  Be sure to read the "Special Instructions for Prospective Clients" section below BEFORE contacting our office.


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  Special Note:  To contact us by phone -- you MUST leave a Voice-mail message and provide an Email address and a Cell Phone number -- As part of our 'lean & mean' no-fat cost-cutting measures, we ask that prospective clients seeking to contact this attorney for the first time about their legal 'problem' FIRST complete our on-line FREE Case Evaluation Form, or at least send us an Email describing their legal issue\problem. We ask that prospective clients do this BEFORE they try to call our office about their case for the first time. We offer Prospective Clients a FREE Initial Consultation (Case Evaluation). In order obtain the FULL true benefits of this offer, it is far more effective to have this FREE 'Initial Consultation' take place AFTER the attorney has had time to research the facts and the law applicable in the client's case.  Therefore, we ask that prospective clients initially complete the Case Evaluation Form first - BEFORE calling our office for the first time.

  Special Note:  This is a 'Fast-track' Case Evaluation process. Once the attorney receives the Case Evaluation Form or Email description of the legal issues involved he will swiftly research the applicable law and the client will receive a rapid response from the attorney - at which time the client will receive a meaningful, reliable initial Case Evaluation - at no cost (FREE of charge). To be effective, the clients' description of their legal issue should specifically delineate the relevant facts and the legal issues involved. Overly broad, sweeping generalities like - "I have a landlord problem" - utterly defeat the attorney's effort to 'accurately' assess and evaluate that case.