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    In order to protect animals from abuse – we must first be candid and HONEST about what abuses are actually routinely taking place right under our noses. Typically, the media lacks this kind of candor and honesty. But HERE we disclose the naked, lamentable TRUTH lurking behind the whitewash media euphemisms.

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  •    Mass Extermination is Not Euthanasia   

    Scales of Balanced Justice

    TO:  All Media Outlets & WSYR Channel 9 News

    RE:  Stop Calling Mass Extermination & Genocide Euthanasia

    By-Line: In order to protect animals from abuse – we must be candid and HONEST about what abuses are routinely taking place right under our noses. Typically, the media lacks this kind of candor and honesty. But HERE we disclose the naked, lamentable TRUTH lurking behind the whitewash media euphemisms.

    Media accounts about the mass slaughter of Canadian Geese in New York keep calling it “euthanasia.” Mass Extermination is Not Euthanasia and the media needs to stop bastardizing the true definition of “Euthanasia” and stop butchering the English language.

    The Media stories I’m referring to repeatedly talk about the mass “euthanization” of Canadian Geese for a variety of alleged reasons ranging from “over population” (a human convenience standard) to air traffic safety (another human convenience standard).

    As used in this story in this situation, the term  “euthanization” is a dishonest, inaccurate sham euphemism that is used to distort, defraud, misrepresent, falsify what is really going on here.

    The WSYR Channel 9 news story states that Canadian Geese were “Euthanized” for a variety of purported reasons. A similar story on a July 12, 2010 CBS News broadcast had the headline “400 Canada Geese Killed for Air Safety Reasons.” The subheading for the CBS story read “Mass Euthanization of Geese a Step in Goal of …”. This is a complete misuse of the term “Euthanize.” They did NOT “Euthanize” these Canadian Geese!! They “Exterminated” them – they “slaughtered” them. These geese were perfectly healthy. They were not injured, or sick, or suffering.

    These geese were “Exterminated” purely for human convenience, and that makes the term “Euthanize” totally inapplicable and reprehensible. The ‘human convenience’ is that the humans saved humans the time, the expense and inconvenience of solving the Canadian Geese problem in an intelligent, non-violent, humanitarian manner. One way or another, this ‘rift-raft’ was going to be discarded — either to a relocation center or to an incinerator. They chose the unintelligent, sociopathic, ruthless solution — the ‘incinerator’ method, just as Hitler’s “Final Solution” did, when neither of them could honestly defend such brutal, demented extremist methods.

    The term “Euthanize” only applies when it is done solely for the benefit of the Euthanized animal or person, to alleviate horrific immediate pain and suffering of that animal or person, and only where it is a last resort because they cannot be medically cured of their injuries, disease or illness.  (fn 2 & 7). It is worth noting that the fraudulent, deliberate misuse of the term “Euthanize” has deep roots in the Nazi propaganda machine that served Hitler’s “Final Solution” for achieving genetic purity of the race (Eugenics Program), as they too sought to clear the streets of the ‘rift-raft’ — the physically disabled, the mentally disabled, the elderly, the gays, the gypsies and the Jews. Hitler and the Nazi Regime called this the “T4 Euthanasia Program.”  (fn 3-6).

    This particular human dishonesty about the term “Euthanasia” regarding animals is virtually identical to the Nazi calculated misuse of the term, in that it seeks to conceal (via misrepresentation) the true reality of what is taking place and why, by hiding it behind a sham euphemism that falsifies the reasons for killing and the intended beneficiary of the killing, just as the Nazi Regime did.  (fn 3-6). Virtually every respected dictionary and encyclopedia defines Euthanasia as: “the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.” (Miriam-Webster & Encyclopedia Britannica – fn 2 & 7). Sometimes referred to as “Mercy Killing,” it is unmistakably clear that the sole purpose of the mercy killing is to alleviate the pointless, unequivocal and extreme suffering of the creature being killed. There is no other ‘ulterior’ motive — no other intended beneficiary — no other collateral purpose or interest being served when TRUE “Euthanasia” is implemented.

    Killing one being, taking one life, solely for the benefit of ‘another’ (namely the one doing the killing) is NOT, I repeat, is NOT “Euthanasia” in any sense of that term and that term should never ever be used to describe such conduct.

    Killing one being, taking one life solely, for the benefit of ‘another’ (namely the one doing the killing) is called social engineering “EXTERMINATION” because that is exactly what it is. It is precisely what Hitler’s Nazi Regime did with humans — they “EXTERMINATED” them for the twisted perceived benefit of society (the German race) under his demented social engineering notion of a genetically pure race of human beings.  (fn 3-6). The killing of these Canadian Geese is no more “Euthanasia” than is the Nazi social engineering genocide.

    It would appear that all those engaged in this “Mass Extermination Program” and all those in the media reporting about it, are acutely aware of how immoral, inexcusable, unethical, unjustifiable, reprehensible and indefensible this “Mass Extermination Program” really is, otherwise there would be no need to cover it up with fraudulent, sham euphemisms, as the Nazi’s did. Hitler knew that if he called it what it really was, “Extermination,” there would have been a mass revolt. Hitler deliberately falsified what he was doing by calling it “Euthanasia” knowing that most people deem Euthanasia to be a ‘humanitarian’ act of kindness, rather than a ruthless, senseless, sociopathic genocide.  (fn 3-6). If the Extermination of the Canadian Geese is so defensible and honorable and moral and justifiable, then come right out and call it exactly what it is — the Mass Extermination & Genocide of perfectly healthy Canadian Geese purely for human convenience reasons, and in no way is it for the benefit of the geese.

    Therefore the media and everyone else should STOP calling these Mass Extermination & Genocide crusades “Euthanasia” since that term absolutely does NOT apply. And the fact that this term does NOT apply is not a gray-area of uncertainty or a debatable point today any more than it was when Hitler deliberately and strategically abused the term to facilitate his Mass Extermination & Genocide agenda. Take a good hard look at these words — Mass Extermination & Genocide — because that is what humans have been doing — NOT “Euthanasia” as everyone is fraudulently claiming.

    Either this action is justifiable when we call it exactly what it is (Mass Extermination & Genocide) or it is NOT justifiable when we call it exactly what it is (Mass Extermination & Genocide). In either case, falsifying the accounts of what is taking place by deliberately using what, ipso facto, is a patently false, inaccurate term (“Euthanasia“) to misrepresent what is going on, is most definitely morally and ethically and logically wrong and reprehensible. If it is too horrible and too ugly and too disturbing to think about what it really is (Mass Extermination & Genocide) then clearly it is something humans should NOT be doing.

    We urge the media to STOP calling these Mass Extermination & Genocide crusades “Euthanasia” since that term absolutely does NOT apply.  Just because some government entity attempts to defraud the media with a counterfeit term, does not mean the media is licensed or obliged to pass that fraud onto the general public as though it had legal tender status. We simply cannot afford to have the media, the Fourth Branch of Government, constantly falling asleep at the wheel, sucking down every flim-flam sham that some fast-talking snake-oil salesman decides to panhandle. 98% of what humans consume from the media is NOT verbatim quotes, but rather, paraphrased summaries — it’s editorial license to paraphrase. Employ an honest, ethical standard of human decency and refuse to paraphrase “Mass Extermination & Genocide” as “Euthanasia.”

    Once governments and societies get used to the exercise of falsifying news events with patently false, candy-coated euphemisms, distorting the reality that is actually going on, then they are solidly on the same path the Nazi’s traveled.  That is precisely how it all started in Germany. Hitler noted that the term “Euthanasia” had successfully been misused, misapplied at animal shelters and the public had come to completely accept those counterfeit terms and characterizations as reasonable ‘humanitarian’ acts for the benefit of animals, when it obviously was NOT. So Hitler believed he could do the same, misusing the term “Euthanasia” to get public approval of his “Final Solution” and getting them to believe that “Mass Extermination & Genocide” of the physically disabled, the mentally disabled, the elderly was merely the ‘humanitarian’ act of “Euthanasia” solely implemented to alleviate their suffering.  (fn 3-6). We know as historical fact that the scheme worked completely.  (fn 3-6). And we know it is working today precisely as it did for Hitler, to defraud, distort and misrepresent a brutality that otherwise would be too reprehensible and disgusting to tolerate.

    We urge you — Please tell all news writers and reporters to STOP misusing and misapplying this term “Euthanasia” and call it what it really is — Mass Extermination.  (see footnotes for authority and links below that provide correct, accurate lexical definition and use of the term “Euthanasia“).
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    The sub-heading for this CBS News whitewash story reads: “Mass Euthanization of Geese a Step in Goal of Clearing Geese Within 7 Miles of JFK and LaGuardia Airport.


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