•    Religion’s Mortal Wounds   

    Scales of a Balanced Justice

    By-Line: Religion’s Mortal Wounds: Organized mainstream religion suffers self-inflicted mortal injuries which impugn its integrity and gravely threaten its historical World standing forever. We see this problem manifesting exponentially in the 10-fold growth of mainstream “Religious Fundamentalism” Worldwide. It is the politicizing of religion for political gain in power struggles worldwide. The ground-zero question is: “What is in the nature of mainstream religion itself, that makes it so amenable to such hijacking manipulation?” Quite simply, the answer replies: “Mainstream Religion Has Forsaken Spirituality.” Substituting the epistemology of Rationalism for the epistemology of Insight and Compassion has proven to be a catastrophic mistake. This is, at its core, an epistemological problem. (See, “Rationalism Religion & Dogma – The Three Wicked Sisters” and “Has Religion Forsaken Spirituality?“).

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