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    By-Line: In order to protect animals from abuse – we must be candid and HONEST about what abuses are actually routinely taking place right under our noses. Typically, the media lacks this kind of candor and honesty. But HERE we disclose the naked, lamentable TRUTH lurking behind the whitewash media euphemisms.

    Humane Society Cover-up: Scruffy Dead But Exterminations and PR Fraud Thriving

    By now, most everyone has heard the lamentable story of a desperate man named Daniel Dockery, who brought his injured 9-month-old cat, Scruffy, to the Arizona Humane Society for medical treatment (FN 1-5). As Scruffy’s name implies, he resided with a destitute family and Dockery could not afford a regular vet. Dockery was desperate to save the life of his precious pet and he figured (erroneously) – “these people are ‘humane’ lovers of animals – they will not let my Scruffy die when his injury was treatable.”

    How horribly wrong his assumptions turned out to be. The Arizona Humane Society “EXTERMINATED Scruffy.” within hours of Scruffy’s arrival without ever explaining to Dockery what they intended to do. And this was done despite that fact that Scruffy’s serious injury was treatable and survivable.

    Dockery said that he reluctantly surrendered the cat to the Arizona Humane Society on Dec. 8 after clinic staff declined to take a credit card from his mother over the phone or wait 24 hours for her to wire him cash. They told him that the cat only would be treated if he signed over ownership, he said (FN 1). They never even informed Dockery that they had exterminated Scruffy. Later, “Dockery searched for the cat for three weeks at agency shelters and repeatedly asked staff what had happened to Scruffy but learned Tuesday that the cat was Euthanized a few hours after he brought her in”  (FN 1).

    According to Arizona Humane Society spokeswoman Stacy Pearson, the agency took Scruffy intending to treat it and put it in foster care, but when she was taken to a second-chance clinic with three other cats, doctors were only available to treat two of them  (FN 1).

    The story gets worse. Dockery told the Arizona Humane Society his mother could pay for the treatment by credit card over the telephone, but the Arizona Humane Society REFUSED to accept payment in that manner. Yet spokeswoman Stacy Pearson stated with certainty that if the clinic had accepted his mother’s credit card by phone, Scruffy would not have been exterminated  (FN 1).

    Dockery’s personal life story makes this decrepit episode even more heart-wrenching. Dockery disclosed that for the past nine months, Scruffy has been his closest companion and has helped him stay off drugs for more than a year, the longest stretch he’s ever been clean. He is described as “a recovering heroin addict with a lengthy prison record, who has a handful of friends and a caretaking job in Phoenix that provides him with room and board” (FN 1). He said that “as he hand-fed Scruffy even before she opened her eyes at 4 days old, he found that he was nursing his own way back into society. He raised money to have Scruffy spayed. The kitten ate from fresh cans of tuna and slept on Dockery’s pillow at night”  (FN 1).

    And now, Scruffy is gone and Dockery is on his own – his little buddy and best friend gone forever.

    Also gone forever is my support for this demented organization mislabeled “The Humane Society.” This fraudulent entity is obviously NOT “humane” and their Killing Fields “Death Camps” should never, ever be called “shelters.” These are fraudulent labels utilized to lure unwitting people in (along with their money) under the false pretense that they really CARE. What was mindlessly and needlessly done to EXTERMINATE Scruffy is NOT the work of someone “who cares” — in fact, had anyone at the Humane Society actually and genuinely CARED, Scruffy would still be with Dockery today. Scruffy was exterminated BECAUSE nobody at the Humane Society CARED. And that is what we need to talk about for the remainder of this article.

    In a very recent CNN Interview with Bretta Nelson, the Arizona Humane Society Public Relations Director, the question was asked: “Why the rush to kill a pet brought to them for medical treatment – instead of giving the pet owner time to get the money to pay for the treatment?” Bretta Nelson never answered the question  (FN 2). She rambled on about an irrelevant point, blaming the extermination of Scruffy on a “failed credit card policy.” She also falsely claimed this pet owner’s situation was “a bit unique” when, in fact, it is appallingly common. Nelson refused to squarely answer this very simple, legitimate question: “Why the rush to kill a pet?”  (FN 2).

    In this CNN Interview Nelson was as asked: “Do people have an expectation that injured animals will be treated if brought to the Humane Society for help?” Once again, Bretta Nelson never answered the question. In another rambling non sequitur diatribe she talked about the severity of Scruffy’s injuries and said the cat was suffering. This was a calculated, deliberate attempt by Nelson to deceive the public into erroneously believing Scruffy’s injury and pain were NOT treatable, when in fact, it WAS treatable. Because Scruffy’s injuries WERE TREATABLE Scruffy’s EXTERMINATION can NOT be labeled as “euthanasia.” But Nelson is deceptively and calculatingly trying to misleading the public into believing what they did to Scruffy was a merciful act of euthanasia.  (FN 2).

    In this same CNN interview, Nelson said they are “not able by law to hold a pet until payment.” That was another blatant attempt to totally defraud and deceive the public with a misleading statement. The law does NOT prohibit “holding a pet until payment” when the pet owner CONSENTS to the ‘holding’ for the benefit of the pet. The law is simply trying to prohibit treatment centers from “holding the pet as ransom” until the bill is paid – WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PET OWNER (obviously – in a ransom situation there is NO pet owner consent.  (FN 2).

    These revolting, nauseating, Bad Faith attempts by the Arizona Humane Society to defraud and deceive the public about this incident reveals just how UNSCRUPULOUS and sociopathic they really are. In that CNN interview, the Arizona Humane Society Public Relations Director, Bretta Nelson, stated, ad nauseam, “we never force anyone to make the heart-wrenching decision to surrender a pet”  (FN 2). This is yet another flagrantly fraudulent, unscrupulous attempt to deceive the public and lure them into believing Dockery voluntarily, on his own, made the conscious decision to surrender his Scruffy to the Arizona Humane Society for extermination. The TRUTH is, they led Dockery to believe Scruffy would receive urgently needed medical treatment IF HE SURRENDERED SCRUFFY TO THE SOCIETY. Dockery had absolutely no idea that he was dealing with a bunch of dishonest sociopaths who were going to exterminate Scruffy within two hours.

    The Arizona Humane Society sunk so low it even tried to capitalize on the extermination of Scruffy by turning it into a “Fund Raising” event — claiming it was attributable to the fact that the demand (need) for animal care exceeds the resources of the Humane Society and it was this “lack of adequate resources” that was responsible for Scruffy’s extermination. The statement is patently FALSE. Scruffy was exterminated because no one at the Arizona Humane Society cared enough about Scruffy to give this poor man the time or the means to pay for the treatment Scruffy needed. This was not a mere ‘credit card policy’ snafu — this was the result of the actions of cold, heartless, callously indifferent sociopaths who simply did not CARE about Scruffy. These were the actions of people utterly devoid of compassion or conscience.

    Arizona Humane Society spokeswoman Stacy Pearson said “It was never intended for that cat to be Euthanized”  (FN 1). The blistering irony is that if Pearson and the Society really “CARED” they would never, ever call the “EXTERMINATION” of an animal “euthanasia.” What they did to Scruffy and what they routinely do to thousands of other animals is called “EXTERMINATION” not ‘euthanasia.’

    Euthanasia only applies where the killing of the animal is done solely for the benefit of the animal being killed – virtually always because the animal is experiencing immense and excruciating pain and suffering, in a situation where the animal is in a HOPELESS “terminal” condition for which there is no cure, no hope or possibility of reversing that terminal condition  (FN 6-7). It is called “euthanasia” because ‘putting the animal down’ is considered a “humane act” for a terminal animal who has no chance for a recovery, no chance to escape that pain and suffering, thereby making the “prolonging” of his horrific pain and suffering both ‘pointless’ and inhumane.  BUT that was not the circumstance Scruffy was in. Scruffy’s injury WAS treatable. That much is certain. And the unvarnished Truth of the matter is that the vast, overwhelming majority of the killing being done by the Humane Society is EXTERMINATION – not euthanasia. The Society and the media must stop defrauding the public with the euthanasia euphemism design to hide the Truth about these EXTERMINATION camps.

    When the animal is killed for reasons having absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of that animal — the killing is for human “convenience” reasons (to clear the streets and neighborhoods of riff-raff) and THAT killing most certainly is NOT “Euthanasia”  (FN 6-7). As this story makes unmistakably clear, this cat was NOT in a HOPELESS terminal condition AND he was NOT ‘pointlessly’ suffering when they killed him because his illness was treatable and curable. These shelter animals are routinely killed as a matter of human convenience and it is called “extermination” NOT euthanasia.

    It is worth noting that the fraudulent, deliberate misuse of the term “Euthanasia” has deep roots in the Nazi propaganda machine that served Hitler’s Grand Plan for genetic purity (Eugenics Program), as they too sought to clear the streets of the ‘rift-raft’ — the physically disabled, the mentally disabled, the elderly, the gays, the gypsies and the Jews  (FN 8-11). Hitler and the Nazi Regime called this the “T4 Euthanasia Program.” Hitler knew that if he called it what it really was, “extermination,” there would have been a mass revolt. Hitler deliberately falsified what he was doing by calling it “euthanasia” knowing that most people had already accepted that fraudulent term at animal homeless ‘warehouses’ and people deemed it to be a ‘humanitarian’ act of kindness, rather than the ruthless, senseless genocide that it really was.  (FN 8-11). Hitler reasoned that since the fraudulent use of the term “euthanasia” had already been successful at the animal ‘kill centers’ — it might work again for his new genocide plans.

    Chillingly — the media’s and animal shelter’s dishonesty about the term “Euthanasia” regarding animals is virtually identical to the Nazi calculated, deliberate, strategic misuse of that term, in that it seeks to conceal (via fraudulent misrepresentation) the true reality of what is taking place and why, by hiding it behind a sham euphemism that falsifies the reasons for the killing and the intended beneficiary of the killing, just as the Nazi Regime did  (FN 8-11). Virtually every respected dictionary and encyclopedia defines euthanasia as: “the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of HOPELESSLY SICK or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy”  (FN 6-7). Sometimes referred to as “Mercy Killing,” it is unmistakably clear that the sole purpose of the mercy killing is to alleviate the excruciating, pointless, unequivocal and extreme suffering of the ‘terminal’ creature being killed. There is no OTHER ‘ulterior’ motive — no OTHER intended beneficiary — no OTHER collateral purpose or interest being served when TRUE “euthanasia” is implemented. It is done solely for the terminal animal’s benefit  (FN 6-7).

    It would appear that all those engaged in this “Extermination Program” and all those in the media reporting about it, are acutely aware of how immoral, inexcusable, unethical, unjustifiable, reprehensible and indefensible these animal “Extermination Programs” really are, otherwise there would be no need to cover it up with fraudulent, sham euphemisms, as the Nazi’s did. If the EXTERMINATION of these animals is so defensible and moral and justifiable, then come right out and call it exactly what it is — the mass EXTERMINATION of perfectly healthy homeless animals purely for human convenience reasons, and in no way is it for the benefit of these EXTERMINATED animals.

    The fraudulent euphemisms are everywhere. We hear candy-coated terms like “we put down the animal” and “we euthanized the animal” substituted for what really happened – “we killed” – “we exterminated” – “we executed” – “we murdered in cold blood.” We hear dishonest terms like “shelter” and “animal shelter” and “refuge” and “haven” — when, in fact, these places are “Extermination Camps” – “Death Camps” – “Killing Fields” and “Slaughter Houses” where animals are routinely, swiftly, needlessly and heartlessly killed for social policy ‘human convenience’ reasons having absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare or well-being of those animals. There is nothing “humane” or compassionate or righteous or honorable or admirable about this dark demented practice. Yet the media and these so-called ‘shelters’ invest enormous Public Relations (PR) energy and dollars in a determined effort to candy-coat and conceal the true reality – with the intent to defraud the public so it will lend its consent and financial support to a practice that is so revolting, reprehensible and nauseating that consent could never have been achieved IF THE TRUTH HAD BEEN DISCLOSED.

    Daniel Dockery was one of those people who had been duped by the media and by these extermination Death Camps — so thoroughly duped that he made the regrettable mistake of believing “these people are ‘humane’ lovers of animals – they will not let my Scruffy die when his injury is treatable.” Dockery was dead-wrong BECAUSE he’d been defrauded by a dishonest media and a dishonest, wealthy PR campaign waged by the Extermination Camps that profit handsomely from their deceit which capitalizes on the public’s profound compassion for animals. It can’t get any more disgusting than that. It’s so revolting the public can’t bear to hear about it.

    Animal Lovers BEWARE — Whenever you hear people refer to your pet as “it” — as every single spokeperson at the Arizona Humane Society repeatedly does, you know with a high degree of certainty those people DO NOT CARE about your pet. Scruffy has a name and he is a “he” — not an “it.”

    After Dockery learned of Scruffy’s extermination at the hands of the Society, he lamented, “Now I’ve got to think about how I failed that beautiful animal – I failed her … That’s so wrong. There was no reason for her not to be treated”  (FN 1).

    The god-awful Truth is, the Arizona Humane Society failed Dockery, failed Scruffy, failed the public, failed to live up to their name and their promises, and then they proceeded to roll-out all their heavy artillery PR spin doctors and Public Relations flim-flam ‘smoke & mirrors’ linguistic shysters, in a flagrant, shameless attempt to deceive, defraud and misleading the public about the Truth of this demented incident. The Arizona Humane Society hired a PR professional solely for the purpose of damage control over this issue (your donation $$ at work – but not to benefit the critters)  (FN 5). The Arizona Humane Society continues to monitor and censor critical, unflattering, non-supportive messages from its web site, while liberally dispensing supportive comments. There’s not an ounce of Good Faith in anything these unscrupulous dishonest schemers have done and they need to pay a heavy price for their morally barren Bad Faith efforts to defraud the public.

    Therefore we urge you, the readers, to let these sleaze-balls know exactly what you think about their brain-dead sociopathic practices. Below we have provided pinpoint specific links for contacting the Arizona Humane Society, the Humane Society of the United States, the International chapter of the Humane Society. Additionally, we have provided below, a string of Email addresses for ranking authorities within the Humane Society of the United States. You can simply copy the entire Email string in one copy motion and then paste it into the “To” address window of your Email program for a single Email message transmission to all of them. And finally, we encourage you to visit the numerous story links we cited in our footnotes, and leave a comment at the CNN and CBS web pages carrying this story. If the Humane Society does not incur a heavy price for their unscrupulous conduct, they will just keep doing more of it. If they are not faced with dire consequences, then no one will be fired and no one will ever be held accountable for their Bad Faith public deceit.

    We send our most sincere, heartfelt sympathies to Daniel Dockery and we vow that this blog site will erect a Memorial right here, in honor of Dockery’s beloved Scruffy — may he Rest in Peace – far away from the heartless sociopaths who squelched his Beautiful Life – because of money.


    Humane Society of the United States
    Email: membership@humanesociety.org

    Contact information for specific subject areas (Let them ALL know how you feel):

    Arzinda Jalil – 301-258-3071

    Animal Cruelty
    Pepper Van Tassell – 301-258-1417

    Animal Fighting
    Katie Jarl – 301-258-1483

    Animal Research
    Anna West – 301-258-1518

    Animal Rescue Team
    Jordan Crump – 301-548-7793

    Direct Care Centers
    Pepper Van Tassell- 301-258-1417

    Katie Jarl – 301-258-1483

    Pets for Life
    Raul Arce-Contreras – 301-721-6440

    General Inquiries
    Stephanie Twining – 301-258-1491

    STRING OF ABOVE US HUMANE SOCIETY LEADERSHIP EMAIL ADDRESSES (copy entire string – paste in the “To” window of Email program)

    ajalil@humanesociety.org; pvantassell@humanesociety.org; kjarl@humanesociety.org; awest@humanesociety.org; jcrump@humanesociety.org; pvantassell@humanesociety.org; kjarl@humanesociety.org; rcontreras@humanesociety.org; stwining@humanesociety.org; membership@humanesociety.org

    Arizona Humane Society
    Contact Information
    Twitter: @azhumane


    General Information – Campus 602-997-7586
    Sunnyslope 602-997-7585
    Adoptions 602-997-7586
    ext. 1045 for Campus
    ext. 2045 for Sunnyslope
    Emergency Ambulance Services 602-997-7585 ext. 2073
    (8 am – 7pm daily)
    Development & Planned Giving 602-997-7586 option 5
    Mobile Spay/Neuter & Wellness 602-997-7586 option 4
    Volunteer Services 602-395-3873

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