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    For the most part – Compassion is not widely revered, cultivated, respected, encouraged and ‘groomed’ at home, in schools or at the workplace. But the Ego is. And so is the intellect and the pursuit of fame and wealth. On this blog — and in this Topic Category — the focus is on Compassion and how its neglect and its subordination to Ego and the Rational operation is having poisonous consequences on politics, religion, society and the water we drink. Air and water are essential for nourishing the life force of all living things. In a very real sense — Compassion IS the Life Force itself — within.

    If this is so — how did Compassion end-up being so neglected, and ultimately subordinated to something as pedestrian as the Ego?

    On this Reflection Pool Discourse blog, and especially in this subject category, we intend to drill down into this matter — well below the crust and the mantle, all the way down to the molten core — where the problems all began. To understand the genesis of the predicament is to find the key to the maze we are trapped in. Buddhists and Taoists have understood this for countless centuries.

    To this end — this is the parent ‘Topic’ category article for “Compassionate Truths” — and all Pages in this category directly serve to disclose the many manifestations and consequences that can be traced to this monumental — profoundly debilitating — human condition. Only by shining the light inward — can we illuminate the outward journey of understanding our complicity in the global propensity for exalting Ego over Compassion.

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