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    My name is Nemo and I wanted to comment on a recent CNN article entitled: “People posing, and talking, as their pets on Facebook.”

    I don’t like Facebook because they don’t like critters and they won’t let me and other critters have a place where we can speak our minds. Facebook is like a Gestapo that wants to let spammers mine your personal info while they profit and users get poked in the eye with a sharp stick (spammers’ sticks).

    On this blog critters can speak out without having to “sign-up” and without putting their privacy at risk.

    And I don’t think Kirsty Worrall’s fiancee likes critters or cats, so I hope she finds somebody who has a sense of humor and who likes kitties like me so Kirsty and Shiva will have a good home.

    Your friend,


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