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    Scales of Balanced Justice

    This is a Comment we posted on the Ellen Degeneres blog that was helping Support “The Gentle Barn” efforts to promote the humane treatment of farm animals and provide a safe haven for abused farm animals. Ellen Degeneres continues to put “Animal Welfare” issues front and center in her life and career. We prominently placed her related critter website links in our “Critter Topic Websites” listing in the left-side Menu Panel.

    There is a Buddhist saying that comes to mind: “You can’t teach a hunter that it’s wrong to kill.” What they mean is, You have to come upon that understanding through your own life experiences of pain and suffering, of death and loss of a loved one. There is no cookie-cutter formulaic rubber-stamp ‘silver bullet’ argument (or pill) you can ‘pop’ that’s going to deliver you to the ‘Promised Land” eureka realization that killing is something not to do. In other words, “rationalism” will never tell you that. But Compassion will. The cattle rancher’s earlier post reminds us of this fact. The epistemology of ‘rationalism’ will never connect you to the epistemology of ‘Compassion,’ just as the ear will never connect you to a beautiful sunset. The cattle rancher is drowning in rationalism and suffering fatal starvation from lack of Compassion. If she continues to use only one of the two chopsticks life has given her, she will shrivel up to the size of pin head from malnourishment. — The Reflecting Pool Discourse Blog — http://gbruce.com/reflect/

    Thanks Ellen For All You Are Doing For Our Critter Friends


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