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    The “Critters’ Voice” topic category gives critters a chance to communicate with their human counterparts about important issues of the day. Currently, the leading topic for them is the BP Gulf Oil Spill disaster and how THEY have been disproportionately hurt by that catastrophe.

    Another BP Oil Spill Victim
    Another BP Oil Spill Victim

    Because critters speak in many different languages, their views are presented through a respected Reflecting Pool Discourse interpreter by the name of “CatDaddy” and their blogs appear under the topic category “Critters’ Voice.”

    Stripee Passed Away June 1, 2010
    Stripee Passed Away June 1, 2010

    As with ALL topics on this blog site, this topic is open for ‘Comments’ from visitors and we cordially invite critters around the World to join in the discussion by submitting comments on the critter posts and pages that appear here.

    On this blog, EVERYONE has a voice – Everyone has a right to be heard.

    Nemo Welcomes You All
    Welcome Critters from around the World.

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    Reflecting Pool Discourse Web Blog Grand OpeningFree popcorn and balloons for the kids!!!

    A prime-time family program
    Yet another web blog to add to the glut of web blogs in the Universe. Everyone clamoring for the podium to dispense a few pearls of wisdom & insight. But who’s all that interested in ‘listening’ these days? Time was when headphones could only ‘listen.’ Then they added a microphone and it’s been talk, talk, talk ever since. A neurotic World theater packed tight with talkers who are tired of listening.

    And the vast majority of them are pounding their gums to dead air. No one is listening to the blather. It’s more like the ‘Reality TV’ pandemic. Everybody buying lotto tickets so they’ll be ‘in the running’ for their magic moment 5 minutes of fleeting fame, usually bestowed by a long-shot fluke of luck, like when their blog post or YouTube video goes viral after Paris Hilton happens to punch the wrong key on her keyboard and accidentally re-tweets your Internet URL to 2,000,000 of her leech-bed followers who are anxiously scrounging around for their own moment of fame and good fortune.

    I think CB Radios would never have gotten off the ground if they could only transmit signals, but could NOT receive any signals. Yet TV & AM-FM radio appear to be doing just fine without the ability to receive signals from the same ‘victim’ their broadcasts target. Maybe that’s why people are so tired of listening. All it has gotten them is a glut of spamming commercials that gobble-up the programming they were watching. Unilateral signal dispersal is quite different from the bilateral exchange, otherwise commonly referred to as true “Communication.”

    But despite this general malaise in the blogosphere environment, here we are, adding yet another web log (blog) to the fire. Maybe the Free popcorn and balloons will help ease the pain.

    Then again, a Socratic web blog that emphasizes Listening might not be such a painful idea after all.

    To this end, all of the topics at the Reflecting Pool Discourse blog site are open for discussion and your participation by way of Comments on the articles posted is invited and encouraged. At this point in time, Moderator approval IS REQUIRED before a posted Comment will appear on a Post (necessitated by spammers and hackers).

    Leaving Comments: You can only leave comments for “Posts” — as this Word Press version does not display a comments section for “Pages.” But Keep in Mind there is a Post article for every ‘Page’ article — so you’ll always be able to submit a comment for every article on this site. To leave a comment to a Post — there are two “Required” fields that must be provided: 1) Your name and 2) your Email Address. Keep in Mind comments submitted will not appear immediately. It takes 12-24 hours for it to appear — due to moderator approval requirements. Remember to click the reCaptchya “I’m no robot” security box BEFORE clicking the comments ‘Submit’ button.

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