•    Religion’s Mortal Wounds   

    Scales of Balanced Justice

    By-Line: Organized religion suffers self-inflicted mortal wounds which have impugned its integrity and rendered it irrelevant and dangerous. What has led to the decrepit state of World religions?

    We see this problem manifesting exponentially in the 10-fold growth of mainstream “Religious Fundamentalism” Worldwide. It is the politicizing of religion for political gain in power struggles worldwide. The ground-zero question is: “What is in the nature of mainstream religion itself, that makes it so amenable to such hijacking manipulation?” Quite simply, the answer replies: “Mainstream Religion Has Forsaken Spirituality.” Substituting the epistemology of Rationalism for the epistemology of Insight and Compassion has proven to be a catastrophic mistake. This is, at its core, an epistemological problem. (See, “Has Religion Forsaken Spirituality?” and “Spiritual But Not Religious“).


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