Sunday, December 27, 2009
Re:   So-called "Health Care Reform" Senate Legislation
Health Care Reform legislation WITHOUT the "Public Option" is like drafting a criminal Homicide|Battery statute that 'exempts' murderers and violent offenders, or like a criminal 'Child Abuse Protection' statute that 'exempts' Child Molesters.  Murderers and price-gouging oligopolies apparently are quite welcome in the U.S., and especially at Capitol Hill. Once again, the Insurance Industry corporate 'fiction' Wins BIG, while real, live human beings get trampled in the Insurance Industry 'Gold Rush.'  What an incredibly  humongous, fortuitous windfall for the Insurance Industry, whose wealth will be improved ten-fold given the compulsory insurance coverage requirements in the proposed legislation.
The Senate Health Care Bill Fails to "Reform" Anything While it Betrays Women and Middle|Low Income Taxpayers. In effect, Senate Dems Say Women & the "Public Option" Are BOTH Expendable - Will the House Go Along with this 'bootlick' sellout? The picture looks dark, very bleak indeed.
For the record, the sole point of the "Public Option" is that If 10,000,000 people band together to self-insure themselves, they can insure themselves for much less money than 10,000,000 Insurance Industry insureds, because they are not paying extortionary, price-gouging fees demanded by very greedy, wealthy for-profit Insurance Industry scavengers who picks your bones clean before passing the paltry, depleted, meager remainder of benefits on to you, the insured.
Contrary to Insurance Industry claims, the 'Public Option' is NOT a welfare give-away plan.  It is a citizen self-help plan where members PAY for their coverage.  Without the 'Public Option' there is NO health care 'reform' here at all.  It's just business as usual -- the poor get poorer while the immensely wealthy get yet another enormous windfall welfare handout with fat bonuses, like the hundreds of billions of dollars pilfered from the taxpayers to enrich the wealthiest Wall Street and Banking giants, who have raped, pillaged and plundered the countryside for many decades.
What a demented system we have.
G. Bruce Ketcham, Esq.
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