Re:  Haiti Earthquake Disaster Index For Volunteering Services & Donating Money
The First 72 Hours Are Absolutely Critical
Dead Haitian Children From January 12 Earthquake
A Directory For Donating Money and Services
This directory was created in order to centralize information about How and Where to offer help, by way of hands-on volunteer work and cash donations, for the victims of the Haiti earthquake disaster.
This centralized links page is designed to provide guidance and direction to SAFE, LEGITIMATE and RELIABLE Haiti Disaster Relief organizations.  The FBI has warned the public to beware of scam solicitations by phone and Email (most Email & Phone solicitation are scams).  This directory draws information only from absolutely reliable sources such as the Clinton Foundation and the U.S. State Dept.
As most people realize, the first 72 hours after an earthquake disaster like this are absolutely crucial.  This directory helps speed-up the process of linking "offers of help" with those LEGITIMATE "organizations in need of help."
The emphasis here is on linking "offers of assistance" of all kinds with safe, reliable, legitimate aid agencies and organizations.  These organizations also provide a phone number you can call to make your donation, for people like me who do not trust the Internet with money transactions.
Special Request:  Please share this info website with as many people as you can, people who you think would want and need this info.  When you Email others about this website link be sure to remove the "Fwd" (forward) designation in the subject line (Re line) and insert your name or handle so recipients will know it is NOT a solicitation from a scam entity.
Special Video Links:  Beneath the Aid Organizations links below are two (2) astounding CNN videos that convey the URGENCY of the situation in Haiti right now.

Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Index For Volunteering Services & Donating Money
Clinton Foundation - Haiti Aid & Assistance Index
U.S. State Dept - Haiti Aid, Earthquake Aid Status and Aid Index
Mercy Corps Haiti Earthquake Fund
PH:  888-256-1900
InterAction Earthquake Aid Relief Organizations Listings
International -  -- a Central Directory For Linking-up Donators and Volunteers with Agencies in Need of Help
Listed on the U.S. State Dept Webpage
Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI)
CIDI is a Central Directory For Linking-up Donators and Volunteers with Agencies in Need of Help
CIDI - Center for International Disaster Information
Technical Assistance Registration For Volunteering Hands-on Help
CBS News -- Haiti Quake: How to Help;cbsCarousel

(Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised)
CNN Video - Images Seconds After the Earthquake
CNN Video - Bob Poff Narrates Incredible Haiti Scenes