Re:  Haiti Earthquake
Pat Robertson Says Haitians Got What They Deserved with Earthquake
Dead Haitian Children From January 12 Earthquake
Only a Sick, Twisted, Demented Sociopath Could Say
These Haitian Children Got What They Deserved
Pat Robertson and the 700 Club, the religious right extremist nutcake radicals that comprise the bedrock of the Republican Party in this country, claims Haitians Got What They Deserved with the Tuesday Earthquake because, according to Robertson, they made a pact with the devil (see video and read article below).
This conclusively removes any and all doubts that these nutbag political right religious zealots are every bit as sick, twisted, demented, sociopathic and DANGEROUS as the Taliban and al Qaeda.  They are virtually indistinguishable. Simply superstitious psychotic religious zealot nutcakes who haven't a clue what compassion is.  This is conclusive proof of that fact.
No longer can there be any doubt whatsoever that Robertson, the 700 Club and the religious-political right wing radicals and extremists have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Christ, Christ's teachings, Christ's compassion.  To the contrary, they represent everything that Christ railed against.  They are as close to the "anti-Christ" as human beings can get.
You know the true followers of Christ's teachings because the only thing that is ever visible is their compassion, NOT the demented political ideology and dogma espoused by religious-political right wing radicals and extremists like Robertson, Falwell, and a host of other bible-thumping lunatics who wrap themselves in the biblical dogma.
For the true followers of Christ's teachings, all you ever see is their compassion (as with Mother Theresa and St. Francis).  The very heart and soul of Christ's teachings was its adamant, unequivocal repudiation of efforts to politicize and dogmatize religion, which the religious right in this country has done, as have the Islamic extremists in Iran and the Middle East.
I fervently repudiate everything the religious-political right wing radicals and extremists in this country stand for
ABC News VIDEO:  Robertson Says Haitians Must Blame Themselves For Earthquake

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