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(first publication Tuesday, May 11, 2010)
Re:   Government Regulation: Good or Bad?
            The Republican \ Tea Party Idealogues & ALL Big Business Despise Government Regulation. They call it "Interference with Free Enterprise." They call it "Unconstitutional Gov't Intrusion into the Private Sector." They call it "Detrimental to the Economy and to Private Enterprise." They Vehemently Proclaim "No Regulation is Necessary Because 'Free Enterprise' Self-regulates in a Free Economy." Thus they clamor for a "Gov't Hands-off" Policy that is commonly called 'deregulation.' It's the ages-old farcical scenario of the fox wanting to 'guard' the henhouse on its own, with no outside interference . . . or "supervision."
            Now Take a Good Hard Look at What Happens When They Have Their Way and Decide For Yourself Whether the Costs of "NO" Gov't Regulation well-exceed the Costs of Regulation. When you are done looking at the reams of evidence it should become obvious that Self-regulation is simply NOT working. In fact, like Government regulation, it scarcely exists. And we are now seeing how tremendously costly and damaging this is to our economy, our environment and our well-being.
            What Republicans never seem to remember is that when Business and Corporate Enterprise acts irresponsibly and damages the environment or the economy, someone has to clean-up the mess and repair the damages. The BP Oil Spill Disaster has to be cleaned-up - we can't just flip it off and let it spew oil forever, and our Government always ends up footing the bill.   That should strike terror in the hearts of every 'true' Republican who is militant about the U.S. Government being "fiscally responsible" with its limited financial resources.  But it doesn't.  Why?
            Instead of showing concern, Republican \ Tea Party Senators flat-out defeated a bill in Congress that would have increased private corporate Oil Spill Liability from the current preposterous joke Maximum (ceiling) of $75 million to a more realistic $10 billion, while Republican \ Tea Party Idealogues complained that Obama was "unAmerican" for being "too harsh" and "too hard" on BP.  This kind of mindless Republican devotion to Corporate interests trashes the Public's interests, obliterates the Environment's interests and devastates our Government's economic interests.  The latest BP Spill Disaster Cleanup Estimate has soared To $5 Billion ... and is rising rapidly (as of Friday, May 21, 2010). The immensity and magnitude of this BP disaster is obvious to anyone who has not been medically declared 'brain dead.'   And NOW Republican \ Tea Party Idealogues are staunchly protecting BP's economic interests, while telling the U.S. Government and YOU the Taxpayer that YOU will have to pay for this BP disaster.
            This horrific distaster MUST be cleaned-up and Republican Senators have just guaranteed that the U.S. Government and Taxpayers must pay for it (billions & billions of dollars in costs).  Then, enroute to the Fall 2010 elections, Republicans are eager to hit the air waves with dire proclamations about how "fiscally irrespnsible" Obama and the Democrats have been.  Republicans have become saboteurs dedicated to the objective of making things much worse, making things fail, then blaming Democrats for the catastrophe.  For eight (8) devastating Bush years we never heard a single word from these Republican panderers about any "fiscal responsibility" concerns they had, while they gave Bush a free hand to tank the economy.  The Economic Meltdown did happen under Bush's watch, not Obama's, and now Republicans want voters to give them another opportunity to add to the damage they've already done.
            The brazen Republican 'sabotage' pattern is patently obvious.  Republicans oppose government regulation of the private sector, leading to the horrific economic meltdown and the Exxon Valdez catastrophe and the BP disaster (just a few examples).  Then they shift the costs of these disasters to the U.S. Government and the Taxpayers.  Then they vociferously complain about extravagant U.S. Government spending and deride Democrats for claiming they need to increase taxes to pay for Republican-made disasters.  This ludicrous cycle of Republican sabotage is absurdly and painfully obvious to anyone who is not asleeep at the wheel.  Here now is just a tiny sampling of the reams of evidence showing the desperate IMMEDIATE need for strict Gov't regulation of Big Business in this country.  To understand this dire, desperate IMMEDIATE need for MORE, not less, government regulation of the private sector is to realize and appreciate the need to soundly defeat the "Republican Agenda" in the Fall of 2010.

NY Times - For BP, a History of Spills and Safety Lapses
BP Continues To Lag Other Oil Companies When It Comes To Safety.
CNN Report: U.S Gov't Agency "Minerals Management Service" Gone Bad
Evidence showing MMS is "too cozy with the industries it regulates."
Most infamous example, a 2008 report from the Interior Department's
inspector-general found MMS employees received improper gifts from
energy industry representatives and engaged in illegal drug use and
inappropriate sexual relations with them.
Big Oil's "Cozy Relationship" with Inspectors
Report Finds Oil Industry Filled Out Inspection Reports in Pencil,
Inspectors Later Traced in Pen.
It is fair to say "No REAL regulation has been going on here."
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
CNN Video: BP Memo Puts Price Tag on Lives
Then in a "Cost--Benefit" Analysis Decides . . .
Deaths\Risks Acceptable Given the Benefits    --to BP--
CBS News - Oil Blowout Preventers Known to Fail
Government Regulators Turned Blind Eye to Problem;cbsCarousel
CNN Report - BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill - BP Vehemently Opposed
Gov't Regs that Would Have Prevented Spill:
CNN News Report - BP Knew Of Problems
Well Failed A Key Pressure Test Just Hours Before It Exploded
But BP Refused to Suspend Operations
Wednesday, May 12, 2010
CBS News - Citing an Internal BP Memo
Rep. Bart Stupak said a "Culture of Incompetence" Existed at BP
Before Disastrous Leak
(Conveniently - that 'culture' Increased BP Profits - Escalated Risks & Trashed Environment) - BP Drill Plans Downplayed Risk of Rig Accident
Out of Oversight
The federal MMS: a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oil Industry
Casting Oil Dispersants:
Want to phase out a Hazardous Substance? Dump it in the Gulf!
CBS News - BP Gulf Drilling Got "Rubber Stamp"
U.S. Government Exempted BP from Environmental Impact Study
Before Disastrous Leak
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big Oil's Republican Friends on Capitol Hill
Block Oil Spill Liability Increase bill in Congress.

Republicans voted against raising the maximum liability ceiling from the current ludicrous $75 million to a more realistic $10 billion.
Latest BP Spill Disaster Cleanup Estimate Soars To $3 Billion & is Rising Rapidly
But Republicans Want the U.S. Gov't and U.S. Taxpayers To Pay!!
Republicans are not really against big government spending when they say our government and taxpayers must pay for BP.  On these facts obviously Republicans advocate BIG Spending for "Corporate Welfare."
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ABC News - Critical Device (Blowout Preventer) Meant To Prevent a Disaster
Was Defective, Had Leaks and Lacked Sufficient Force To Seal Off the Well
BP Knew of This Defect and Refused to Suspend Operations
Wednesday, May 12, 2010
CNN Report - VBS Report - Environmental Crisis in Italy
What Happens When Government
Fails to Regulate Big Business:
CBS News - Pelicans' Brief Success Threatened by Oil Spill
BBC News - Oil slick hits Chandeleur Islands off Louisiana
CNN Report - Alaska Fishermen Still Struggling
21 years after Exxon Valdez Spill
From Dan Simon and Augie Martin, CNN
Thursday, May 6, 2010 9:01 p.m. EDT

            On June 22, 2010, "U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman, a 1983 appointee of President Ronald Reagan, overturned the Obama Administration's Moratorium on Deep-Water Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The Louisiana federal judge has several Energy Holdings and has reported extensive investments in the oil and gas industry, according to financial disclosure reports. CBS News Reported , "in 2008 Judge Martin Feldman owned stock in Transocean Ltd., the company that owned the sunken Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. Read about the sleaze-factor details behind this corrupt judge and this illegitimate, unsupportable "sell out" court decision at our "Toxic Politics" blog web page entitled "Judicial Politics Adds To BP Oil Sleaze."


            Read about 27,000 Gulf of Mexico Oil Wells that May Be Leaking, in this July 7, 2010 CBS News Special Report entitled "27,000 Abandoned Gulf Oil Wells May Be Leaking."

CNN Report - Johnson & Johnson Drug Manufacturing Practices
Assailed by FDA as Abhorent
So Where has the FDA Been During All These "Abhorent" Practices?
Thursday, May 6, 2010
CNN Money Report - Senate OKs 'Too Big to Fail' bank amendment
Senate overwhelmingly passed first major change to Wall Street reform package, approving bipartisan deal to unwind big financial firms considered Too Big to Fail.
(By Definition -Too Big to Fail- is a Violation of long-standing AntiTrust Laws)
Monday, May 10, 2010
CNN Money Report - Freddie Mac needs another $10.6 billion
Freddie has already received $50.7 billion from the Treasury Department.
Fannie Mae has so far gotten $76.2 billion. U.S. Gov't Now Owns These Losers.
Monday, May 10, 2010
VBS Report Part 1
Italy:  Yet Another Environmental Catastrophe
Take a Good Look at What Happens When Gov't Does NOT
Totally Regulate Big Business:
Monday, May 10, 2010
VBS Report Part 2
Italy:  Yet Another Environmental Catastrophe
Take a Good Look at What Happens When Gov't Does NOT
Totally Regulate Big Business:
Monday, May 10, 2010

            The bedrock purpose, function and objective of Business and Corporate Enterprise is to "Increase Profits in Perpetuity." To that end they shift the costs, the risks and the consequences to others, in order to optimize those objectives. It's the ultimate "Dream Scheme" scenario for Business and Corporate Enterprise - "Skyrocketing Profits and Zero Liability - Zero Responsibility." And they maintain massive 'Legal Departments' that work over-time to optimize and actualize those bedrock objects.
            Because of this inherent nature of Business and Corporate Enterprise there is, in reality, no incentive for them to self-regulate themselves, other than as described above, to optimize profits. For this reason, Government Regulation is vital, to protect the public, the environment and the nation's interests in a healthy, stable, workable, sustainable and habitable physical and economic environment.
            But Government Regulation, in itself, is not enough. Those regulators must be free of the influences and pressures brought to bear on them by the political influence of those they are supposed to be regulating. When they become "captured" by those influences they become 'farce' regulators -- a meaningless, toothless PRETENSE of regulation, as demonstrated in most of the above stories.
            Most people would have no difficulty at all conceding that government regulation of traffic and enforcement of traffic rules is absolutely essential to facilitate a safe and orderly transit of roads and highways, and to prevent the lawless chaos and bedlam that would otherwise make transit hazardous. And that is precisely why Government Regulation of Business and Corporate Enterprise is so vital to the health and wefare of the public. Republicans simply ignore the fact that when Business and Corporate Enterprise acts irresponsibly and damages the environment or the economy, our Government always ends up paying the tab. That SHOULD send cold chills up the spine of every devout Republican.  But is does NOT, and that should send cold chills up the spine of every voter in the Fall 2010 elections.
G. Bruce

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