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Christmas -- The Main Event

I'm giving you your Christmas Card early -- so you can enjoy the contents from now 'til Christmas.

This year I made wholesale changes to the Christmas webpages -- well beyond any revisions I've ever made before.

Until now, all the Christmas music was in midi format -- which too many people could not play. So this year -- all of the Christmas music is in MP3 format and everyone should be able to hear the music.

The Christmas music this year is composed entirely of choirs -- the very best choirs in the World -- the Boston Camerata, Thomas Tallis Scholars, King's College Choir Cambridge, Waverly Consort and the music spans the ages -- Medeival, Baroque, Renaissance & the old German, English, French & Spanish carols of the past two centuries.

It's not the usual "Deck the Halls" -- "Jingle Bells" genre of pop Christmas music we've heard many times over again. But it's drenched to the bone with the Christmas spirit. It sounds nothing like any other 'classical' music. It's a symphony of moving Christmas sounds that generate enormous Christmas energy.

If you have good computer speakers or headphones -- you'll want to use them. These are high-quality mp3 recordings.

All of the other Christmas pages have the same music revisions and they have all been reformatted into the new HTML5 format -- so they will display much better than they ever did before -- on a computer or laptop. If it's been awhile since you read the 1897 NY Sun article "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" by Francis P. Church -- it's been redesigned. I like reading it once every Christmas -- just to keep me grounded.

All of these Christmas webpages are my way of saying . . . Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Bringing Sweet Gladness -- Harmonia Choir