Animal Abuse Often a Precursor For a Homicidal Life

Most mass murderers and serial killers, like Anthony Sewell and Ted Bundy, started their cruel and homicidal careers abusing animals. Experienced criminal profilers have long-known that there is a very strong statistical correlation between these two demented mental conditions. Indeed, the connection is obvious and unequivocal.

Despite this compelling statistical correlation, the Legal & Criminal Justice System and Government Legislators have completely failed to recognize the need to ratchet-up the penalties for Animal Abuse crimes and the need to require convicted offenders to submit to rigorous long-term (one year or more) treatment programs. They have utterly failed to take the "Animal Abuse" offense seriously, because of die-hard vestiges of outdated legal assumptions that animals were mere 'property' -- of little significance to anyone, and with no inherent rights of their own. As a result of this carry-over ignorance, government leaders have failed to connect the dots, and wake-up to the fact that Animal Abuse is a precursor of violent behavior to come, when the condition is left untreated, which is precisely what happens when the offiense is trivialized as it has been

In an effort to drive this point home, we present this graphic recent story of Animal Abuse, in hopes that people of compassion and insight will be sufficiently moved by this story to demand that government officials take this offense much more seriously, by imposing much more severe penalties and consequences on offensers. And we should hold these officials accountable when these demented offenders are ignored and allowed to go on to commit more violent and heinous crimes against both human and non-human animals.

Video Title - Cat Nailed To Light Pole

A recent Local News & CNN Video Report about a Cat Found Nailed To a Utility Pole. When you examine the details of this crime it becomes unmistakably apparent that this is NOT a trivial matter.

UPDATE: Cat Found Nailed To a Pole Dies - WQAD - A Profoundly Sad Day:,0,4034263.story

PETA Offers $2,500 Reward for Help in Nabbing
Cat Torturer in Geneseo Who Nailed a Cat To a Pole

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WQAD Video Report: Cat Found Nailed To Post
John David -- WQAD Reporter
5:55 PM CDT, April 6, 2010


WQAD Print Report: Cat Found Nailed To Post:,0,3276652.story

Equally IMPORTANT is the fact that we need to start keeping detailed psychiatric records of these individual's Animal Abuse episodes because they serve as an important RED FLAG that these people desperately need IMMEDIATE psychiatric help if we are really serious about prevention of more mass killings and serial killer episodes. Time and time again we keep finding that there were clear, obvious, unmistakable warning signs that preceded mass murder and serial killer episodes. And invariably, one sign is virtually always present--Animal Torture and Abuse (Sewell and Bundy are two notorious examples). We need to start seriously treating these malcontents NOW, instead of just ignoring and trivializing the problem and giving them the oportunity to wreak more violence against humans and animals in the future, as we have been doing up until now.

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