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One new Christmas video uploaded Tuesday, December 01, 2020.

Seven (7) New Videos Uploaded Wednesday, November 4, 2020. 

Christmas video: A Ride To See the Christmas Decorations.

Videos in last batch included:  

              Angels of Compassion -- Part 2 & Part 3  

              The World of Animal Wonders

              Washington DC Homes: A Virtual Tour -- Part 3 & Part 4

              Animals Love Music

              Memorable Carson Moments

See Important Instructions & Descriptions for each of these videos below.



Important Instructions

Be Sure To Enable Javascript and Plz let me know if you have a problem playing any video.
There are two sections below; In order they are: 1. Video Index and Description; 2. Video Player & Selection Panel.
The Video Index provides brief description of each video - in same sequence as videos appear in Player Selection Panel.
Beneath Index is the Video Player with a vertical Selection Panel down the right-side column.
Click on the Selection Panel video you want to see and it will display at the top-left of the player section.
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Video Index & Descriptions

A Great Christmas Tradition --- Taking a Ride to See the Christmas Decorations
An Astounding Collection of Christmas Music to Match an Exceptional Photo Array of Christmas Decorations.
The proclamation we hear each Christmas --- "Peace on Earth" --- is fully realized in this incredibly calming Holiday video.
Merry Christmas --- Happy Holidays

Angels of Compassion -- Parts 1 - 3
These are the unsung 'Heroes' who deserve to be recognized.
An Honorary Salute To 'REAL' Heroes -- who are never showered with accolades like football stars.

The World of Animal Wonders
The most exceptional video I have ever made -- for sure.
You cannot watch this video without it dramatically changing your relationship to Animals

Life-Changing Interviews
These interviews are potentially life-changing. They take you to the deep end of the pool.
Bill Murray as you may never have seen him before

"Animals Love Music"
Clips showing how much animals, and especially cows, love to hear music
It's so funny and heart-warming to see how happy they are when they come anxiously running after hearing the music from afar.
This video is priceless.

"Memorable Carson Moments"
I know what you're thinking -- "Youtube is swamped with such videos." But . . .
This video contains what I believe are his two "Best Ever" clips -- and . . . .
This video also has a clip of a Groucho Marx roast of Carson -- Best Comedienne Roast Ever . . . and . . .
Video also includes high-res photos of Carson's unfathomably beautiful $81 million home -- the most beautiful home I've ever seen.

On Top of the World -- by Patty Griffin and song by Julie & Buddy Miller
Three exceptional songs from concert performances by Patty Griffin and by Julie & Buddy Miller
Both performed at an Emmie Lou Harris gathering on a live broadcast.

Washington DC Homes: A Virtual Tour Parts 1 - 4
Incredibly gorgeous, enormous, stately mansions ('palaces') in and around the Washington DC area
630 Breath-taking Photos in Parts One through Four -- with beautiful, soothing Geo. Winston piano music.

Adirondacks Music Slideshow Video
Fall foliage from a 2014 trip during peak changing of the leaves.
With extraordinary music for a relaxing, peaceful evening at home.

Nemo Memorial Music Video
My best Memorial music slideshow video ever.
Both the music and the images will move you.

"Cops -- Southern Style" & CatDaddy Gospel Ministries "The Miracle Hour"
Lawless Over-zealous Southern Cops, Evangelists and Televangelists get badly roasted in this video
Interestingly enough -- massively huge, oppressive EGOS are what corrupts these targeted groups.
I tried to capture and target this particular 'ego corruption' aspect in these two "take-down" videos.





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A Ride to See the Christmas Decorations Angels of Compassion -- Part One Angels of Compassion -- Part Two Angels of Compassion -- Part Three The World of Animal Wonders Life-Changing Interviews Animals Love Music Memorable Carson Moments 2 Patty Griffin Songs Washington DC Homes  Virtual Tour Part 1 Washington DC Homes  Virtual Tour Part 2 Washington DC Homes  Virtual Tour Part 3 Washington DC Homes  Virtual Tour Part 4 Adirondacks Music Slideshow Nemo Memorial Music Video CatDaddy Gospel Ministries Bersani Family Video Clips

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