A Nemo Family Christmas 2016:

A Merry Christmas wish from Nemo & Gary.   Nemo is wrapping all her own Christmas presents this year.  So if you get something in the mail that looks like a ball of yarn and smells like tuna fish -- you'll know it's from Nemo.

This is a Merry Christmas wish
from both of us to all of you.

The Christmas card pictures below show our house decorations.  Beneath these card graphics are links to my Christmas webpages - and links to some other interesting related sites.  I made major changes and improvements on the Christmas webpages (especially the midi Christmas music pages) and they function better than ever.

My Christmas links have been reconstructed and the music is still most exceptional - with all prior playing glitches resolved. The Christmas music page is best viewed using IE-8 or higher, or Firefox -- and all of my Christmas sites rely on javascript -- so make sure you have javascript enabled. Google Chrome tends to adhere to a 'plain Jane' minimalist format -- that strips away most font formatting, graphics and audio -- leaving practically a plain text appearance (just what it does to all its Gmail emails). We still have the best Christmas midi music on the Internet.

I have added a spate of new links to the 'links section' that seem particularly relevant at Christmas time -- such as links to my "Reflecting Pool Discourse" blog and a number of articles I've written about religion, compassion and spirituality. When you mouse-over these links below you get popup bubble-text that explains what each link and each article is about. All of these "Reflecting Pool Discourse" blog articles are about religion and religious issues.

The other remaining Christmas links speak for themselves -- and they definitely speak for me and Nemo.  Everything here is worth the time to explore.  Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas and a safe healthy 2017 New Year!

Keep scrolling down -- much more to come!

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Merry Christmas Cards & Decorations


I'm confused.
Who's the REAL Angel?     Nemo?    . . . or this lady?

And now . . .
Your Christmas Presents Underneath the Tree

Special Merry Christmas Links

A Special Christmas Story That's NOT Just For the Young (My Website)
Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus (My Website)
The Best Midi Christmas Music Collection anywhere on the Internet
Spiritual But Not Religious
Has Religion Forsaken Spirituality
On Moral Questions - Science is Clueless
Rationalism - Religion - Dogma -- Three Wicked Sisters
Religion's Mortal Wounds
Why Should I Care if My Own Ox is Not Getting Gored?
Oscar the Blind Kitty Gets His First Toy
Christmas Caring - Deputy Carries Deer To Safety
Tarra and Bella - Christmas Love All Year Long
Tarra the Elephant loses best friend Bella


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